Why We Exist

Protect our environment

Products you can use time and time again to replace plastic and reduce waste

Giving back with every purchase

For every purchase, we give back $1 to our favourite organisations, via i=change

Affordable for Australian families

We focus on cost-effective green living solutions for budget-conscious families

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Hi, I'm Renee,

Mum to two little boys and owner of Green Things. My goal is to help fellow parents find affordable reusable options to guide your family on your journey to zero waste living. Because it IS possible to save the planet and save money at the same time.

Green Things brings together an amazing collection of modern cloth nappies and other eco and budget-friendly products to make it easier to eliminate disposable waste from your home. If you care for the future of your children and our planet, you’ll want to limit the excessive amount of plastic and disposable products currently targeted at families.

Lucky for you, you’re in the right place!

The Green Things story...

The opportunity for me to purchase Green Things came about in 2022, after having been on a cloth nappy journey since the birth of my first child. Although I always intended to use reusables, I did give myself a couple of weeks post-birth to adjust to life with a baby before we began. In just that short period of time I was shocked with how much waste we had accumulated through our use of disposable nappies, plastic bags, breast pads, wipes and lots more! My landfill bin was overflowing, and it was more than enough motivation for me to make the switch to reusables quick-smart.

I’m extremely proud to be the director of Green Things. My goal is to encourage and promote more families to make the switch from single use to reusables, but also make it affordable. Because I firmly believe caring for the Earth shouldn’t cost you the Earth.

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