Bamboo Organic Cotton Insert

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Product Overview

Bamboo Organic Cotton Insert

Our bamboo & organic cotton insert is a great choice as the insert for your pocket nappies, or for adding extra absorbency as a ‘booster’ insert. Soft bamboo and organic cotton are blended together to ensure ultimate comfort for baby. They provide high absorbency for use in cloth nappies. Being made from natural fibres, these inserts are incredibly absorbent, and therefore perfect for moderate to heavy wetters. They can go straight onto baby’s skin unlike microfibre. They are also very absorbent and are not prone to compression leaks. Additional inserts may be added for very heavy wetters or night use. Bamboo nappy inserts are a great choice for families wishing to avoid polyester and other synthetic materials in their cloth nappies. 

Each bamboo organic cotton cloth nappy insert consists of 4 layers of absorbent bamboo and organic cotton blend fabric, sewn together. This listing is for 1 x insert. 

Bamboo Cotton Insert Benefits

  • Very high absorbency to avoid leaks
  • Natural fibre fabric - can be placed directly against baby's skin (unlike microfibre)
  • Natural fibre fabric - helps to avoid compression leaks (unlike microfibre)
  • Super soft for baby's comfort
  • Rectangular shape for easy stuffing in pocket nappies

Bamboo Cotton Insert Features

  • 4 layers of absorbent bamboo and organic cotton blend fabric, sewn together
  • Material: bamboo and organic cotton blend (65% bamboo, 35% organic cotton) 330GSM
  • Insert size measures approximately 35cm x 14cm - significant shrinkage will occur due to the cotton content of these inserts
  • Natural cream colour

How to use your Bamboo Cotton Insert

Simply stuff the insert inside the pocket of your modern cloth nappy. Or, if your nappy doesn't have a pocket, or you prefer not to use the pocket, simply lay the insert inside the nappy. So easy!

A bamboo/cotton insert, paired with a microfibre insert (bamboo/cotton on the bottom) is a great combination for superior absorbency. Natural fibre inserts are perfect to use in night nappies, as, unlike microfibre inserts, they are not prone to compression leaks.

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Bamboo Cotton Insert Reviews

bamboo cotton nappy insert reviews

Bamboo Cotton Insert Care Instructions

  • Wash before first use
  • Inserts will reach peak absorbency after the first 6-8 washes
  • Bamboo cotton nappy inserts can be machine washed with your other nappies and inserts
  • Line or tumble dry as needed

Check out our full cloth nappy wash guide.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review