Cloth Nappies

Guide to choosing the best inserts for your cloth nappies.

Cloth nappy inserts

It can feel overwhelming when you are beginning your cloth nappy journey. Especially when it comes to choosing inserts. Hemp, Bamboo, Microfibre, Cotton.. So many different types of fabric, but what is the best?

Here’s our guide to choosing the right option for your family.

Types of Inserts

Cloth nappy inserts come in a variety of shapes and fabrics. At Green Things, most of our inserts are rectangle-shaped, with layers of fabric sewn together. As our Alva Baby and Mama Koala nappy range are all pocket nappies, you can easily stuff any insert into the nappy without worrying about the fabric sitting directly on your child’s skin.

When it comes to fabric type, it’s useful for you to decide what’s important to you. Is it absorbency, drying time, natural fibres or costs? It can be worthwhile to have a variety of inserts for different situations.

Cloth nappy inserts best for daytime use.

Bamboo – 4-Layer Insert
Moderate absorbency
Natural fibre fabric

Alva Baby Bamboo/Microfibre – 5-layer insert
Fast absorbing, & fast drying
Booster insert recommended for heavy wetters or older children

Bamboo/Cotton – 4-Layer Insert
High Absorbancy
Suitable for moderate to heavy wetters
Natural fibre fabric

Organic Cotton Tri-fold.
Not in a rectangle shape, but can be folded together to create a 14-layer insert
Unfolds for faster drying
Natural fibre fabric

Cloth Nappy Inserts best for Nighttime Use:

Super absorbent – absorbs more than any other insert
Extremely durable
Takes approx. 8 washes to reach its full absorbency
Natural Fibre Fabric

Bamboo – 6-layer Insert
Highly absorbent
Natural fibre fabric
Takes longer to dry

As every child is different, we suggest ‘mixing and matching’ inserts to find what absorbency works for you. We generally do not recommend adding more than two inserts together at any time, as the nappies can become too bulky.

Let us know what inserts or combinations are your favourites in the comments below or on our Facebook page

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