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How to stuff pocket nappies like a pro

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Pocket cloth nappies are a great all-rounder nappy and the most popular cloth nappy choice among parents using cloth for their little ones. Pocket nappies are easy to wash and quicker to dry than all-in-one style nappies. Once assembled, the absorbency is hidden inside the pocket of the nappy, so it is very straight forward to fit the nappy onto the baby. This makes pocket nappies particularly great for daycare, grandparents and anyone else who may not be familiar with how to fit cloth nappies, compared with disposable nappies.

How to stuff pocket nappies

Although they are easy to stuff and prep, it can be a little daunting for new parents and those who are new to cloth and I often get asked about how to stuff pocket nappies. My little video below shows you exactly what to do. The whole process, including adjusting the rise snaps takes me less than a minute. Once you have stuffed your whole stash a couple of times, you will be a total pro and you’ll be doing it in front of the TV in no time!

You can also view this video directly on YouTube:

There you have it. A short but sweet guide on how to stuff pocket nappies. What do you think? Easier than you expected? Ready to give it a go yourself? You can shop the full range of Alva Baby pocket nappies here

If you have any questions about how to stuff a cloth nappy, or anything else cloth nappy or eco-living related, let me know. I’d love to answer your burning questions and help you navigate the wonderful world of cloth nappies and sustainability. You can reach me via email Green Things [email protected] or on social media @greenthingsaustralia

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