The 10 BEST Cloth Nappies in Australia

When it comes to sustainable parenting, cloth nappies have become a preferred choice for eco-conscious parents in Australia. The market is brimming with various cloth nappy brands, each offering distinctive features and contributing to a greener future. In this blog, we’ll delve into the top 10 cloth nappy brands Australian parents prefer and what makes them great.

Alva Baby

Alva Baby stands out for its affordable cloth nappies without compromising on quality. They provide a range of pocket nappies featuring adjustable sizing and vibrant prints, ensuring a comfortable and leak-free experience for your little one. Alva Baby’s innovation lies in its ability to offer budget-friendly options without compromising functionality or style.

Mama Koala

Mama Koala excels in providing cloth nappies adorned with irresistibly adorable designs. Their pocket nappies feature adjustable sizing and premium materials, ensuring a snug fit and excellent absorbency. Mama Koala’s commitment to combining exceptional quality with prints (most of which were designed by mums) has earned them a loyal following among parents seeking both style and substance.


Hippybottomus is an well-loved cloth nappy brand that has captured the hearts of eco-conscious parents across Australia since 2009. With their 100% Australian ownership and operation, they continue offering affordable and user-friendly reusable nappies and other sustainable products. Their multi-award-winning nappies are designed for ultimate comfort, practicality, and style, catering to babies and toddlers throughout the day and night.

Baby BeeHinds

Baby BeeHinds takes pride in offering cloth nappies made from organic and sustainable fabrics, ensuring exceptional softness and absorbency. Their range encompasses pocket nappies, fitted nappies, and all-in-ones, providing options for different preferences. Baby BeeHinds’ use of organic materials reflects their commitment to both your baby’s comfort and the environment.

Designer Bums

Designer Bums harmonises functionality with fashion, offering cloth nappies that make a style statement. Their premium nappies are made from organic cotton and bamboo, ensuring excellent absorbency and comfort. The brand’s unique feature lies in their exquisite prints and customisable options, allowing parents to express their personal style while embracing sustainable parenting.


Bubblebubs excels in providing versatile cloth nappy options that guarantee exceptional absorbency. Their repertoire includes all-in-ones, fitted nappies, and covers, catering to diverse needs. Bubblebubs’ commitment to using top-quality materials and their focus on delivering outstanding absorbency sets them apart in the cloth nappy market.

Pea Pods

Pea Pods stands out for its user-friendly cloth nappies, offering convenience and efficient waste reduction. Known for their leak-proof features, Pea Pods nappies simplify the busy lives of parents. Their commitment to reducing waste extends beyond nappies, as they also provide reusable wipes and liners, promoting a holistic approach to sustainable parenting.

RAWr Nappies

RAWr Nappies specialises in providing exceptional night-time cloth nappies designed for maximum absorbency. With their use of premium materials like hemp and bamboo, RAWr Nappies ensures babies stay dry and comfortable throughout the night. Their focus on night-time solutions sets them apart and caters to the needs of parents seeking reliable overnight cloth nappies.

Baby Bare

Baby Bare offers cloth nappies designed for the utmost comfort and eco-friendliness. Baby Bare nappies are crafted from bamboo and minky fabrics and provide softness and absorbency. Their commitment to ethical production practices and sustainability showcases their dedication to providing eco-friendly solutions without compromising on quality.


EcoNaps harmonises functionality with style in their cloth nappies. Designed to be easy to use and maintain, EcoNaps nappies incorporate organic and sustainable materials, ensuring a comfortable experience for babies. Their commitment to reducing waste and promoting a cleaner environment makes them a valuable addition to the cloth nappy market.

The cloth nappy market in Australia is well equipped with options, each with its unique features and contributions to sustainable parenting. Whether it’s Alva Baby’s affordability, Mama Koala’s adorable designs, or Baby Bare’s innovative sustainability, each brand has its distinctive qualities. By exploring the various brands and their unique attributes, parents can find the perfect cloth nappy brand that aligns with their values and ensures a sustainable and comfortable experience for their little ones.

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