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Using Hemp Inserts in your Cloth Nappies

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Hemp is the most sustainably grown natural fibre available for cloth nappy inserts and is also very durable. It is quite a coarse fibre and fabric that is made from 100% hemp can feel rough and scratchy. Adding a small amount of cotton in with the hemp creates a softer fabric which is perfect sit against baby’s skin. When line dried, they will tend to get a little bit stiff, but will soften quickly when you stretch them (or sit on them!).

Green Things Hemp Inserts

Our 4-layer premium hemp cotton insert blends 65% hemp with 35% cotton. These inserts are our most popular natural fibre insert and you guys love them! You have given them an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Check out what customers had to say about their hemp inserts below. A hemp insert paired with a microfibre insert or bamboo organic cotton insert (hemp underneath) is a winning combination for superior absorbency.

Hemp inserts for cloth nappies

Hemp Insert Reviews

Belinda – I am so pleased I finally made the purchase of hemp liners. My little 6 month old is a very heavy wetter and was leaking through to his clothing within 90 min of changing using microfibre and bamboo liners alone, double stuffed within a pocket nappy. I wish I knew how good they were before I purchased my stash as I would have swapped out the bulk of bamboo liners for hemp liners. Very happy with the quality and absorption.

Alexandra – These inserts are super absorbent and don’t take forever to dry on the line in winter. We pair with a microfiber insert and would highly recommend.

Jonika – These are amazing inserts. They are absorbent but do not leak. Last 3 hours which is great! My favourite inserts to use.

Rachel – So absorbent and softer than I expected. Great for using alone or boosting nappies!

Julie – These inserts are fantastic. Really great quality

I’m so confident you will love them too! Give them a try and let me know what you think.

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