Bamboo Fitted Cloth Nappy

Diaper - Briefs Baby Animals
Product - Pattern Herbivore
Cobalt blue - Product Humpback
White - Product Minky Cow
bottom - Shorts Panda Swing
Nappy Cover - Rainbow - Diaper Rainbow
Nappy Cover - Sailing - Diaper Sailing
Design - Product Space
Nappy Cover - Superhero Captain - Diaper Superhero Captain

Cloth Nappy Cover Prints


Discover the versatility of nappy covers, designed to be our bamboo-fitted nappies’ outside waterproof layer. These covers are also perfect for use with Prefolds, terry towelling, bamboo flat nappies, or with inserts directly placed inside.

With their spacious design, nappy covers provide ample room for absorbent materials, making them excellent for night nappy combinations. Experience the convenience and flexibility of our nappy covers, offering a reliable and comfortable solution, especially during nighttime use.