Cloth Nappy Washing

Cloth Nappy Washing

Caring for modern cloth nappies or any of our other eco-friendly reusable products is easy using our guidelines. If you have any other questions about caring for your new Green Things products, email and I will be more than happy to help.

I highly recommend you follow the wash guidelines outlined by The Australian Nappy Association (ANA) using their printable 5 Step Wash Instructions and Tips.

Summary of how to care for modern cloth nappies

  1. Flush solids down the toilet (if applicable)
  2. Hand rinse and store damp in a laundry basket or other ‘dry pail’ (a container with lots of holes for airflow)
  3. Pre-wash on a short (approximately 30-60 minute) warm cycle (approximately 40 degrees), to remove excess soiling/urine (recommended daily)
  4. Main wash using a long warm cycle (approximately 40 degrees), using the recommended detergent quantity for heavy soiling
  5. Air dry. Inserts can be tumble dried, although this will increase wear on the fabric (e.g. pilling). Take care not to expose nappy shells or wet bags to high heats (from the hot sun or in a dryer on high heat setting) as this can damage elastics & the waterproof layer over time.
  6. Fold Velcro over onto the washing tabs (if you have velcro nappies)

Do not use fabric softeners.

Before First Use

It’s recommended that you wash your nappies before first use. To prepare cloth nappy inserts, they should be washed several times before use to ensure improved absorbency. As they are not soiled, they can be washed with clothes. Note that absorbency will continue to improve over the first 10 or so washes.