Wet bags

Cloth nappies and wet bags go together like coffee and parenthood. 
But let’s give our MVP – wet bags – a little more credit for their versatility. These handy bags are reusable, leak-resistant, and smell-proof making them the perfect on-the-go solution. 

Diaper - Bag Buzzy Bees
Pod Wet Bags Dinosaurs
Floral Watercolour Pod Wet Bag - - Diaper Floral Watercolour
Gold Feathers Pod Wet Bag - Diaper Gold Feather
Mars Green Pod Wet Bag - - Diaper Mars Green
Diaper - Handbag Star Wars

Pod Wet Bags

Extra Large Wet Bag - Aqua Fox - Diaper Aqua Fox
Extra Large Wet Bag - Autumn Animals - Diaper Autumn Animals
Extra Large Wet Bag - Garden Rabbit - Diaper Garden Rabbit
Extra Large Wet Bag Lions
Extra Large Wet Bag - Pink Triangles - Diaper Pink Triangles
Extra Large Wet Bag - Safari - Diaper Safari
Extra Large Wet Bag - Whale Star - Diaper Whale Star
Extra Large Wet Bag - Zebras - Diaper Zebras

Extra Large Wet Bag

Mini Wet Bag - Black Feathers - Diaper Black Feathers
Diaper - Menstrual pad Dandelion
Mini Wet Bag - Forest Friends - Menstrual pad Forest Friends
Mini Wet Bag - Galaxy - Bag Galaxy
Mini Wet Bag - Gold Feather - Gold Feather
Diaper - Cloth Nappy Grey Chevron
Mini Wet Bag - Lace - Diaper Lace
Mini Wet Bag - Mandala Flowers - Towel Mandala Flowers
Mini Wet Bag - Neon Flowers - Rectangle Neon Flowers
Menstrual pad - Bag Paint Splash
Mini Wet Bag - Pink Feathers - Towel Pink Feathers
Mini Wet Bag - Rainbow Hearts - Ethan & Jag Destroy the World Rainbow Hearts
Mini Wet Bag - Spring Garden - Diaper Spring Garden
Mini Wet Bag - Teal Floral - Textile Teal Floral
Mini Wet Bag - Woodland - Diaper Woodland

Mini Wet Bag – Green Things

Mini Wet Bag - Alva Baby - Baby Animals - Textile Baby Animals
Mini Wet Bag - Alva Baby - Blue Whales - used Blue Whales
Mini Wet Bag - Alva Baby - Charcoal Tile - Rectangle Charcoal Tile
Mini Wet Bag - Alva Baby - Greenery - Rectangle Greenery
Mini Wet Bag - Alva Baby - Herbivore - T-Shirt Herbivore
Mini Wet Bag - Alva Baby - Jungle Vibes - Design Jungle Vibes

Mini Wet Bag

Wet Bags

Introducing your must-have companion: wet bags.

Experience the perfect storage solution with our wet bags, available in various sizes for all needs. Our compact mini and small sizes are ideal for neatly organizing essentials like bibs, cloth wipes, breast pads, and menstrual pads. Want somewhere to store your cloth nappies? Our medium double zip bags have ample space for up to five.

And our large and extra-large wet bags can serve many purposes, such as laundry hampers while you’re travelling or your trusty companion for a day at the beach. Also, they’re machine washable for easy cleaning (no elaborate wash cycle required).

Add a touch of personality to your storage collection by selecting from our vibrant prints and colours.  Embrace the ease and functionality of our wet bags, providing a solution you never realized you needed until now.

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